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The Audio Factory has been in business for the past twenty six years and defines our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.  Want to find out more about our company?  Click here to read what our customers have to say.

Please meet our team below.  We look forward to working with you!



Meet The Owner




Ray Reamer (a.k.a. "Road Warrior Ray")

Touring Audio Engineer/Manager, Guitarist, Vocalist, Various Roles: FOH, Monitors, System Engineer, Stage Tech, Rigging, Speaker Testing, Cable Manufacturing /Speaker Repair Specialist / Warranty Center Owner/ Rental Company/Stage Audio and Lighting Designer, Back Stage Security Specialist  Recently, Production Manager/C.O.O. at Epic Leap Entertainment LLC.(GOTC)

Ray has worked with bands such as Rush, UFO, McCauley Schenker Group, Black Foot, Cheap Trick, Meat Loaf, The Scorpions, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kansas, Triumph and many others as 

 a System Engineer and/or stage tech. "Road Warrior Ray" has also done air shows (Blue Angels/A.F. Thunderbirds) and Pro Wrestling (NWA) from coast to coast.


The most recent project Ray has done was design the sound and lighting for "Gladiators Of The Cage" MMA events. He was also responsible for getting them on Fox TV 53, and ROOT Sports. Ray is available to work with any serious band working locally,or nationally.



2020 was a EXTREMELY bad year ,for the music industry. Not only did the Covid 19 Pandemic take many lives,it also ruined many live venues. Most,if not all, were cancelled,or postponed,for some uncertain time in the future. If these venues will still remain after we get back to somewhat "normal" operation,only God knows.

We lost many GREAT musicians,and sound engineers, also. Starting with Neil Peart,in January, to Paul Chapman,and Pete Way,Martin Birch,Eddie Van Halen, and sadly, Leslie West,to name a few.

The Entertainment business looks bleak. But,perhaps better times are ahead. time will tell.

2021 and a Look Ahead


2021 started out bleak; many people had died from the Pandemic,and our country was divided politically. The music business is just starting to rebound from all of 2020's nonsense. We are STILL  only open by appointment. It seems the one good side of the Covid crisis was alot of people are spending more time at home with their families,and listening to stereo systems they had forgotten about for years. We've been able to bring alot of those vintage speakers back to life,by refoaming or reconing,much to the enjoyment of many..! We don't repair receivers,amplifiers or turn tables. Please contact Galaxy Electronics in Pittsburgh,for all your turn table needs,and Progressive Electronics in Carnegie,Pa. for all your receiver needs. 

Godspeed to all in 2021 and 2022...!

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