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Listening to Carol King last night was a new vinyl experience! With speakers repaired by Ray,we heard sounds we did not  know were on each track.Thanks Ray.It's great to know we have you in the Pittsburgh region to make our listening experience much richer. Roger and Clair Cranville

I am a DIY guy: roast my own coffee, make beer and etc...  Years ago I even attempted to re-foam my woofer on my beloved JBL LX55 floor speaker.  It looked great without any deteriorating foam, and the kit was not very expensive.  However, when I plugged them in, I missed the mark by a mile.  It sounded like I had replaced the woofer with a K-Mart part.  Evidently, the voice coil has to be perfectly centered around the new foam, and that's where an expert was needed.
I drove an hour to drop off my Paradigm drive,r and Ray repaired it perfectly within a day or two.  Since Ray is so trustworthy, next time I will definitely ship my next repair directly to him and not have to worry about anything.

Brian Shilling


Ray , you did an outstanding job on my Bose speaker repair. I appreciate your quick service and professionalism and taking the extra time to solder a loose wire before I left. Ray you went above and beyond and the speakers sound better than ever. Ed Lydick, Natrona Heights, Pa.
Hi Ray,
Hopefully you can make this work since I didn't get around to checking
out yelp or google reviews. Thanks again so much for your great work.
We are loving our speakers!
We are SO glad that we found Ray for our speaker repair.
Our JBL's that are over 40 years old are now sounding so clear
and awesome and better than ever. We really appreciated Ray's
expertise and quick service, and enjoyed dealing with him.  
We highly recommend Ray for speaker repair!
Wayne and Nancy Lips


A long time ago, Ray at The Audio Factory refurbished a pair of JBL speakers for me.
I was so impressed with the results, that many years later, I asked him to refurbish them again.
These JBL's are a few sunrises short of 5 decades old, & thanks to Ray at The Audio Factory, they still sound beautiful; that's a testament to the quality of his work. I'm glad I decided to keep them around.
   It is wonderful to find a dedicated craftsman who has a keen eye for detail & a passion for perfection.
   If you have nice speakers that you love, but have lost their sparkling tonal qualities, I can
highly recommend you contact The Audio Factory. There you will find Ray, who is a professional of the highest caliber. If he can help you, I have no doubt you'll be happy with the results.
   Sam Gavriloff   Altoona, Pa.


Ray did a very good job repairing my two speakers in a reasonable time I think they sound better than new thank you very much
Phil Barr,Johnstown,Pa.



Ray is knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about audio. An honest person in business these days can be tough to find. Ray is a man committed simply to quality and satisfaction with a goal of the sustentation of quality audio; I would recommend The Audio Factory to anyone in search of an excellent speaker repair or checkup.  

-Matt Gioia"


Amazing job on my Matrix-2000 18" sub. Sounds better than it did when new.  ~Eric Michael


The custom kits from the AUDIO FACTORY used for our obsoleted speakers,actually out performed our ORIGINAL kits's.!  ~Musician's Support & Supply


The refoaming job that was done on my Realistic speakers was like "factory new" components.Thanks Ray!  ~ Doug Brooks



I have relied on Ray at the Audio Factory for years. He has done all my speaker re-coning and can be relied upon for his knowledge, quick service and reasonable prices. He has also helped me as a consultant regarding any and all PA related questions and issues I run into. I sleep better knowing Ray is just a phone call and a short drive away on any PA or speaker related problems. Call or visit the Audio Factory, you will not be disappointed.  ~Tom Menchyk


I was referred to The Audio Factory through Infinity speakers and now I see why the manufacturer recommends them. Ray is a professional in every sense: he has the knowledge to diagnose the problem, the ability to explain what needs done to the layman, and the resources to make sure that everything is taken care of. He keeps the customer up to date with both the progress of the repair and any additional work or cost involved. He is courteous, friendly, and helpful at all times. The result was exactly as promised—when I heard my Infinity Quantum Juniors (that I purchased in 1978) after Ray had worked on them, it brought tears to my eyes. I hadn’t heard that sound in a long time. I give Ray and the Audio Factory five stars!

~Ted & Deirdre Kingen

"Ray Reamer is a true artisan when it comes to speaker repair for reconing and refoaming!  His 30+ years of expertise in pro audio is clearly evident in the amazing and professional results only he can achieve. 
I recently had two speciality boutique PA speakers stop working. The company that made them is no longer in existence. A transient blew the foam gasketing from around the special array on both satellite speakers. Ray was undaunted by this unique configuration and instead of trying to upsell me or say nothing can be done, he determined how the speakers worked, refoamed both using as many original parts as feasible and the result was fantastic! Ray turned back time and now I have an incredible compact and very powerful PA system that fits my needs perfectly. Ray is a rare breed in these times combining expertise and impeccable care to detail in every repair he performs. Recommended Highly 5 stars!!!" - David Brosky

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